Arrival to Viana do Alentejo


In order to welcome the many visitors who travel to Viana do Alentejo on Saturday to receive the Pilgrimage, the county prepares a program of musical animation that, in the afternoon, before the pilgrims arrival, encourages specific points of the village, mainly the Largo 25 de abril, the Praça da República, and the N.ª Sr.ª D’Aires Sanctuary. With the purpose of making the town more welcoming, the county of Viana do Alentejo, in partnership with the Local Parish Council, promotes the Contest of Windows, Balconies and Storefronts, on the arrival of the Pilgrimage on Horseback to Moita – Viana do Alentejo. The competition covers two areas, the route of the pilgrimage and all the village streets, and the citizens can compete in two categories: better windows decoration and/or balconies and better storefront decoration.

Upon arrival in Viana do Alentejo, the Pilgrimage is received by the GNR Horse Squadron that accompanies the pilgrims to the N.ª Sr.ª D’Aires Sanctuary.

A bugler and the carriage set the beginning of the pilgrims column and accompanies the procession from the beginning in Moita, until the arrival to the N.ª Sr.ª D’Aires Sanctuary in Viana do Alentejo.

Route in Viana


The 1st crossing point is Viana do Alentejo Volunteer fire brigade.

The 2nd crossing point is Largo 25 de Abril.

The 3rd crossing point is Praça da República.

The 4th crossing point is Largo de S. Luís.

In this place, the N.ª Sr.ª D’Aires image awaits the arrival of N.ª Sr.ª da Boa Viagem image that follows the Pilgrimage front. There, after receiving the pilgrims, the procession goes to the N.ª Sr.ª D’Aires Sanctuary, with only the N.ª Sr.ª da Boa Viagem image.

Later, the N.ª Sr.ª da Boa Viagem image joins the N.ª Sr.ª D’Aires image, in the mother church, for the procession that takes place at night, through the streets of the village.

On Sunday morning a new procession takes place in the direction of N.ª Sr.ª D’Aires Sanctuary with the images of her saints, after which the high point of this pilgrimage takes place, the celebration of the outdoor mass.